Helicopter hoists horse trapped in concrete debris in California

Firefighters in California used a helicopter to lift a horse to safety after the equine fled from its rider became stuck in concrete debris.

The Orange County Fire Authority said crews were summoned to San Juan Capistrano after a horse became spooked on a trail and fled from its rider, who was able to safely dismount.

The horse was found trapped on its back, wedged upside-down between pieces of concrete and exposed rebar. Rescuers said the equine may have fallen from a ledge about 6 feet above where it was found, or it might have fallen into its position while trying to pass under the ledge.

Veterinarians sedated the horse and the animal was fitted with a harness to be lifted out of its position by an OCFA helicopter.

The horse was lowered back to the ground, where it was able to stand up on its own. It was taken to an animal hospital for further examination and treatment.