12-foot python escapes from enclosure at Louisiana mall

Firefighters joined in the search at a Louisiana mall for a 12-foot python that escaped from her enclosure at an animal exhibit located inside the shopping center.

The Blue Zoo at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge said Cara the Burmese python was discovered missing from her enclosure Tuesday morning, and officials believe she still is somewhere inside the building.

The St. George Fire Department was called to the mall Tuesday morning to help search for the 12-foot snake.

The Blue Zoo said in a Facebook post that plumbing and HVAC experts also have been brought in to search for Cara.

“We’ve brought in multiple snake experts to assist in the search, in addition to an animal tracker that is working with us throughout the evening and overnight,” the post said.

The Blue Zoo was closed voluntarily Wednesday while the search continued.

“We have seen evidence of Cara moving within our ceiling space, which has many places for her to hide,” officials wrote.